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Become a Pro in Procreate

From the first open to creating stunning illustrations and animations. Join my beginner-friendly Procreate course.

Procreate course

Procreate Brush Master

Learn how to make quality brushes for Procreate from scratch and earn a living from it.

  • Brush Creator Kit included
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Get up and running in two days
Free Masterclass

iPad Drawing for Beginners

This masterclass will show you how to start creating digital art even if you don’t know anything about drawing.


Campfire Animation in Procreate

This masterclass will show you all the steps of creating an animation from scratch in Procreate app.

Procreate Coloring Page

Beneath the Ocean

This coloring page is a nice way to practice basic skills in Procreate app as well as a perfect relaxing activity for any age.

  • Procreate coloring file
  • A4 – printable file
  • Transparent PNG file
Alex Kunchevsky

About me

Hi, I’m Alex – a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator. My journey with Procreate has enabled me to master digital art creation, transforming any creative idea into reality with speed and precision. This skill has been essential in my work for brands such as Google, ClickUp, and Discord, where I developed a unique and efficient workflow. Passionate about sharing my knowledge, I have taught over 100,000 students worldwide, helping them master digital illustration in Procreate. Through my structured and practical approach, I guide artists of all levels to achieve their creative potential, ensuring they can bring their visions to life with confidence and ease.