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From the first open to creating stunning illustrations and animations.

100 lessons, 18h+
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Join my beginner-friendly course and learn everything about creating illustrations and animations in Procreate.

Video lessons

Video lessons

The curriculum consists of over 80 easy-to-follow video lessons that you can study at your own pace.
Lifetime access

Lifetime access

When you enroll you are granted full lifetime access to the course with free updates.
Track your progress

Track your progress

The course is well structured. You'll be able to track your course progress on every stage.


Do your homework after the lessons to practice and memorise everything you have learned.
Part 1

Discover Procreate tools

In the first block of the course, you will get familiar with all the basic tools, many advanced techniques and some hidden tricks that I use in my Procreate drawing process daily.

Part 2

Create illustrations

In the second block of the course, you will create complete illustrations from scratch. You will be able to follow the process step-by-step and create beautiful illustrations in different styles.

Part 3

Create animations

In the third block of the course, you will learn how to liven up your art with animations. You will practice creating simple and complex animations, discover various animation techniques and make your own animations using Procreate.


Bring life to your art with animations

Duration: 1.5 hours, 8 lessons
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Part 4

Explore 3D and extra resources

In the fourth block of the course, you will explore the most advanced features of Procreate and practice 3D painting.


Explore 3D painting

Duration: 45 minutes, 8 lessons
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Bonus New

Lightning animation masterclass

Learn how to create a stunning lightning animation in Procreate app.
This is my most popular animation on social media which gained over 80 million views in total: TikTok + Instagram + YouTube. Learn how to do it on your own to bring more exposure to your art!

Lightning animation

Duration: 3 hours, 14 lessons
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Alex Kunchevsky

About me

I have been using Procreate to create artworks for brands such as Google, ClickUp, and Discord. Through this, I have gained valuable experience in creating digital art and developed my own process for working with Procreate, allowing me to easily and quickly implement any creative idea that comes to mind. With my efficient approach and passion for teaching, I have already assisted over 100,000 students worldwide in mastering digital illustration in Procreate.

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