Become a Pro in Procreate by Kunchevsky Become a Pro in Procreate by Kunchevsky

From beginner to hero in digital art From beginner to hero in digital art.

My skill and experience of using Procreate app are based on thousands of hours spent on drawing in the app. I’ve created this course because I have a lot of knowledge to share about my process that I’ve developed through these years creating digital art. Everything that I’ve learnt by trying and practicing I’ve managed to structure and compile into lessons that will let you gain my skill quickly even if you are a beginner.

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Learn everything about the best app for drawing Learn everything about the best app for drawing.

In the first block of the course, you will get familiar with all the basic tools, many advanced techniques and some hidden tricks that I use in my Procreate drawing process daily.

Layer system
Alpha lock
Clone tool
Assisted drawing
Clipping mask
Smudge tool

Create a complex illustration step-by-step Create a complex illustration step-by-step.

In the second block of the course, I will create a professional illustration from scratch. You will be able to follow the process step-by-step and create your own version of it.

Bring life to your art with animations Bring life to your art with animations.

In the third block of the course, you will learn and practice how to create animations in Procreate app on the real example. No background in motion graphics is required.

Creating animations in Procreate is really fun and after completing this block you will be able to liven up any illustration that you create in the future.

Master animation techniques Master animation techniques

In this chapter you will dive deeper into animations and create a more advanced animation in Procreate which covers many animation techniques and requires an effective approach on every stage. You will learn and practice the full process of creating the colorful jellyfish animation.


Custom brushes

I’ve designed an exclusive set of brushes for this course which are extremely easy to use and will let you practice texturing your illustrations effectively.

Essential brushes

As a bonus you will get my Essential brushes set for free. These are the brushes that I use daily to create my artworks and it will help you in your drawing process after completing this course.

Private group Private group

When you enroll to this course you will be able to join my private Facebook group which is a really friendly place where you can communicate with me and all the other students, upload your works, get feedback, share your experience and find friends.

Additional resources

I constantly share the source files of my artworks for my students to download, see the layer structure and do their own experiments. Along with the Procreate source files, I add some notes that will help you if you want to replicate these animations.

Course features Course features.

>50 video lessons

The course consists of over 50 easy-to-follow lessons that are over 8 hours total duration.

Track your progress

You will be able to track your progress of the course completion on every stage.

Lifetime Access

You will get a lifetime access to all the course materials and resources.

Custom brushes

You will get 2 sets of brushes to use during the course and after you complete it.


Do your homework after each lesson to practice the lessons and learn efficiently.

PDF cheatsheets

Download the course’s cheatsheets to recap your knowledge of Procreate tools quickly.


Participate in my drawing challenge after the course completion.

Private Facebook Group

Get an access to a private Facebook group with myself and other course members.

Exclusive Resources

Download exclusive assets and resources that I constantly share with my students.

Reviews Reviews

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Study when you have time

If you enroll to this course now, you will get a lifetime access to all the video lessons and the course resources. So you will be able to study whenever you want and with the speed that fits you.

An effective way of learning

I designed the lessons that are easy-to-follow and require you to practice a lot during this course. After a successful completion, you will be able to draw your own artworks of any complexity.

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About me

About me About me.

Hey, I’m Alex Kunchevsky - a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. I started my full-time journey in digital art 4 years ago - that was the time when I decided to make a change and quit my 9 to 5 job to try doing something creative. It was a blank start for me and I couldn’t even imagine back then that by this time I’ll be able to travel the world non-stop and make a living from drawing freelance.

I’ve been using the iPad Pro and Procreate app everyday for over 3 years. Besides gaining a vast experience in creating digital art, I've developed my own process in working with Procreate app which enables me to implement any creative idea I have in my head easy and fast. Most of my works you can check out on my Instagram page.

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