Essential brushes

Boost your creative process and elevate your art to the next level with this complete set of premium brushes for Procreate.

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This handcrafted brush set includes all the brushes I use daily in my process. My goal is to arm you up with the ultimate toolset that will enable you to create professional illustrations from start to finish without spending countless hours on searching among the thousands of brushes to find the right one for a specific situation.

Created using the Essential brushes.


Polished brush that simulates a soft pencil. Gives you a complete control for better sketching.


Dense brush with small holes which is good for both creating concrete surfaces and abstract sparkles effects.


Ideal for drawing shapes outlines, creating highlights and adding final details to the objects.


Creates warm, cozy atmosphere. Great for drawing clothing and objects of interior.


Best for drawing in the filled-outline style, creating perfect curves and smooth contours.


Stylish brush which adds denim texture. Applies well to great variety of objects and backgrounds.


The multi-purpose texture that fits almost any object and creates a nice noise effect to add depth.


Great for drawing deserts, mountains, stones and marble objects, as well as adding textures to water.


Works the best for adding textures to buildings, stones and ceramics.


Excellent brush for drawing any kind of wooden and solid objects, or creating a glitch effect.


Leather-like brush which is perfect for drawing animals’ skins. Also can be applied to interior objects and stylisation.


Watercolor-looking brush which is amazing for blending with other textures in the overlay mode.

High quality

The brushes are made of hand-picked high-quality photos and have gone through many iterations of edits and adjustments to make sure that each brush is irreplaceable in the set. Besides the look of the brushes I put a closer attention to their behaviour because if you draw in Procreate full-time like me it’s really important to have the tools that are convenient and effective to use.

See the difference

Improve your illustrations by adding textures and little details using the Essential brushes set.

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